The Sequence WebEAS Difference

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    Streamlined Concordance and Adjudication Workflow

    Experience a seamlessly orchestrated process with a refined concordance and adjudication workflow, ensuring efficient handling and resolution of complex tasks.

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    Intuitive PVG and Committee Member Dashboards:

    Empower your users with intuitive PVG (Pharmacovigilance) and committee member dashboards, providing a user-friendly interface for swift and informed decision-making.

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    Comprehensive Reporting and Metrics for Informed Decision-Making

    Access a wealth of data through comprehensive reporting and metrics, empowering stakeholders with the insights needed for strategic and informed decision-making.

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    Integrated WebFXP Site Portal for Seamless Document Exchange

    Foster seamless communication between Sites and Safety groups through the integrated WebFXP Site Portal, enhancing document exchange and collaboration.



Tailor your workflows precisely to your unique requirements, offering a flexible and personalized approach to accommodate diverse business processes.


Navigate through vast datasets effortlessly with a robust search engine, facilitating quick and accurate retrieval of crucial information.


Boost operational efficiency with automated dossier compilation, streamlining the process and saving valuable time in document management.

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Manage CEC Notes

Efficiently organize and manage Committee Meeting Notes with a dedicated module, facilitating comprehensive and accessible records.

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SMQ Support

Implement Standardized Medical Queries to ensure consistent and standardized identification of events, promoting accuracy and reliability.

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Validation and Edit Checks

Ensure data accuracy and integrity with powerful edit checks and robust validation mechanisms, enhancing the reliability of Classification Forms.

An Overview of WebEAS

Sequence WebEAS: Revolutionizing Clinical Endpoint Adjudication

WebEAS is a cutting-edge Clinical Event Committee (CEC) solution designed to enhance consistency and precision in adjudication outcomes, ensuring the highest quality data collection for your clinical trials. Our advanced endpoint adjudication technology empowers you to meticulously track every phase of the adjudication process, from initial data collection and de-identification to dossier aggregation, committee review, and comprehensive management. This end-to-end visibility and control streamline your workflow, providing unparalleled oversight of all clinical events.

Fully integrated and user-friendly, WebEAS stands out as a comprehensive clinical endpoint adjudication system tailored to meet the diverse needs of investigator sites, sponsors, CROs, data managers, and CEC members. By consolidating all aspects of clinical event management into a single, efficient solution, WebEAS simplifies the adjudication process, ensuring seamless coordination and accurate data submission.

Experience the future of clinical trials with WebEAS, your all-in-one solution for precise, reliable, and efficient clinical endpoint adjudication.