Jim Saunders, President

Jim Saunders, President

Jim has been a founding member of several pharmaceutical service, clinical research, and technology companies, bringing more than 25 years of experience in the life sciences focused technology arena. Jim specializes in the architecture and development of technology platforms for clinical research, working with companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100.

Jim is an avid philanthropist who supports many local and national causes. He is most enthusiastic about charitable efforts focused on children and is a Co-Founder of Get Stuff Done 4 KIDS.

Charley Bratton, Vice President Business Development and Marketing

Charley Bratton, Vice President Business Development & Marketing

Charley has 30 years experience in the life sciences industry.  Experienced with all sizes of organizations, Charley now focuses on eClinical companies developing technology that will improve clinical research.

Charley enjoys spending time volunteer coaching and assisting high school athletes find scholarship opportunities by helping them understand how their GPA/SAT scores affect the recruiting process.

Daniel Beach, Senior Director of Operations

Daniel Beach, Senior Director of Operations

Dan has been with CISYS LifeSciences for nearly 25 years. Initially hired as a systems engineer, Dan now handles the company’s daily operations. He is responsible for managing the design and development of our technologies, maintaining project teams, maintaining compliance and allocating resources. 

Dan enjoys mentoring new talent in the workforce and volunteering time in a variety of youth and community programs including Get Stuff Done 4 Kids, youth recreational sports programs and local charity programs focusing on community enhancement.  

Brian Fletcher, Senior Director of Clinical Projects

Brian Fletcher, Senior Director of Clinical Projects

Brian oversees all customer deliverables, including product management, software development, and customer support. With 20 years of Software experience in clinical research, manufacturing, and retail, Brian’s skill sets have been instrumental in the development of CISYS Life Sciences' software platform.

Brian loves to help those in need and volunteers his time at Toys For Tots and the community food drives.

Carmela Saunders, Director of Finance & HR

Carmela Saunders, Director of Finance & HR 

Carmela has been part of the CISYS LifeSciences team since its inception.  She is responsible for accounting, forecasting, budgeting, risk management and financial reporting functions as well as Human Resources. Carmela also has a leading role in the strategic planning and development for CISYS Life Sciences.

Carmela has a strong passion for assisting children.  She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Get Stuff Done 4 KIDS.  Carmela works diligently for children who are diagnosed with serious illnesses or suffering from effects of otherwise traumatic events in their lives.