10/31/17 -- CISYS WebCode / dsNavigator Alternative

There are three components to a successful migration from dsNavigator, without each component replacement technologies won’t be effective long term. At CISYS LifeSciences we take pride in helping our customers make a smooth transition to WebCode for new and legacy studies.

· Technology - CISYS’s LifeSciences is a certified provider for all UMC formats. WebCode is the most feature rich Medical Coding Solution on the market. WebCode improves the current functionality/efficiency offered by dsNavigator, allowing our customers big and small to improve their coding accuracy and processes.

· ROI - CISYS LifeSciences is taking the bite out of eClinical Solution costs by offering an additional cost model utilizing a “Perpetual License Model”. This model complements our existing per seat and per study models, allowing our customers to pay a one-time license fee (per user). With the Perpetual License model, our customers average a 50% solution savings over 5 years and a 22% increase in coding efficiency.

· Legacy Study Transfer – If your organization is concerned about medical coding options due to the termination of dsNavigator, CISYS has additional services available for downloading, storing and transferring your legacy studies into WebCode.

If you need to replace/improve your coding solution call us at 919 870 1436 ext. 240 or email and we can provide additional information, references and budgets to insure your medical coding continues uninterrupted.

7/13/17 -- CISYS WebCode Recertified by UMC for B3 Format

CISYS has been recertified by UMC for the B3 format of WHO DDE, making CISYS’ Sequence WedCode the most feature rich Medical Coding Solution on the market. If you are a Pharma, CRO, or Service/Technology provider and want more than a replacement for your current WHODD and MedDRA coding solution please contact Charley at We will be happy to schedule a time to demonstrate why CISYS is becoming the market leader for Medical Coding Solutions. Please visit our website at For a quick review and comparison of what functionality is provided by all the certified providers of medical coding please go to UMC website.