Sequence WebEDC - Electronic Data Capture

Sequence WebEDC is a web-based full featured EDC solution that is investigator-friendly and fully configurable for fast study start-up.  The solution in fully integrated with other modules in the Sequence Platforms or it can be integrated with other solution platforms.



• Easy to Use & Learn
• Customizable & Feature Rich Forms
• User Specific Dashboards
• Complex, Automatic In-Form Calculations
• Embedded Instructions/Help in eCRFs
• In-Form, Multi Field & Multi-Form Edit Checks
• Multi-Form Signature Capable
• Easily Comprehensible Data Entry & Query Resolution Workflows
• Minimal Training Required for Investigators, Monitors & Data             Managers
• Storage of Images & Other Digital Files
• Role & Workflow-Based Security
• CDISC / CDASH Compliant

• Fully Web Browser Enabled
• Hyperlinks in eCRF
• Fully Hosted & Supported
• Flexible Branding
• Real-Time Reporting & Data Downloads (Excel, CSV, SAS)
• Customizable Event Notifications by User & Role
• Integrated Randomization Capability
• Edit Checks Trigger Dynamic Form Generation, Electronic Signature   Requirements, Source Document Verification & Data Review &            Notifications
• CRF Design Absolutely Customizable-Page Looks Exactly as                  Designed
• Technical Support & Dedicated 800 Number per Study